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With DATCOMP, you have the chance to recycle and recover as much as 80% of your industrial wastewater and to reuse it in your production units. This is a great way to save resources and reduce your environmental impact.

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Embracing Sustainability and Green Technology for a Circular Future

At DATCOMP, we prioritize sustainability and the circular economy, and we actively incorporate green tech solutions. By doing so, we are able to conserve water and decrease energy usage and CO2 emissions.

Enabling Industrial Water Reuse: DATCOMP's Advanced Customized Wastewater Treatment Process

The DATCOMP process integrates an advanced customized wastewater treatment system that can recycle and recover up to 80% of industrial wastewater for reuse in production units.

State of the art enviromental compliance

Our team will identify the most suitable solution for you

Our goal is to comprehend your requirements, tailor solutions to suit your needs, provide a pleasant experience and establish lasting relationships.

As part of the audit, we will examine the current processes for treating raw and wastewater and analyze the water quality based on the client’s analyses. We will collect and test water samples in our laboratory to determine the best solution. Using the general requirements, we will then calculate the investment cost, ROI, operational costs, and necessary space for implementation.

Our Services

Based on DATCOMP Romania’s 29 years of experience, we offer the following services:


  • design & build for advanced wastewater treatment to recycle and recover up to 80% of the water;
  • design & build solutions that optimize energy and process efficiency, as well as increasing capacity for raw water and wastewater treatment plants that are already in operation. Please note that our design and building services in the water sector encompass various aspects such as mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, automation, SCADA and digitalization. We incorporate new and dependable technologies and solutions for enhanced efficiently and energy conservation;
  • design & build for electrical panels.

DIGITALISATION solutions for PRODUCTION Units & WATER Segment:

  • Centralized SCADA Solution – for all your production units resulting in real-time monitoring, controlling & reporting with alarms of all your processes and a history of what and when something went wrong;
  • Hosted SCADA for worldwide process control;
  • Predictive Process Maintenance solution to elimiate unplanned downtime for your highly critical equipment;
  • Corrective and Preventive SCADA – based Maintenance Software to monitor, control and report the maintenance status & history;
  • Energy management software can monitor energy consumption across the entire company to identify areas where we can optimize and reduce costs;
  • SMART SCADA concept – integrates your SCADA with ERP
  • Optimization of the CO2 footprint of your products provides a necessary basis for targeted emission management;
  • IoT implementation using process instrumentation and communication sensors for flow, fluid level, positioners, temperature, pressure;
  • Cyber Security Service folowwing European Regulation 2023.

About Us

With 29 years of experience in water treatment, DATCOMP has established itself as a reliable and knowledgeable provider.

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Taking into account the following facts:

  • Water is becoming an increasingly vital resource in the face of climate change, with dry winters and summers affecting Europe.
  • Currently, only 0.5% of freshwater withdrawn in the EU is treated and reused.
  • President Macron recently declared “the end of water abundance” in France, and a water emergency plan was launched to address this issue.
  • In Austria, approximately 70% of freshwater is used in industry.
  • The new EU’s CCMI/208 paper on “Water-intensive industries and water-efficient technologies” emphasizes the need to promptly create a new EU water policy and a roadmap to assist industries in adopting water-efficient practices.


  • It’s not a matter of if the industry should take action on water consumption, but when.
  • Starting sooner, presents an opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Additionally, water is a precious legacy we must leave for future generations so investing time in water sustainability is investing in a better future.


  • Remember, change begins with you – be the drop that builds the ocean!

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