We value every drop of water

With DATCOMP, you have the chance to recycle and recover as much as 80% of your industrial wastewater and to reuse it in your production units. This is a great way to save resources and reduce your environmental impact.

Datcomp Earth Droplet


DATCOMP GmbH was established in Vienna in February 2023, by DATCOMP SRL Romania, which is a member of the DATCOMP-BEESPEED group based in Timisoara, just 6-hour-drive from Vienna.


The group has an average turnover of 5 million euros and 50 employees.


Both companies possess 29 years of expertise in the water treatment sector, with DATCOMP concetrating on designing and constructing water tratment facilities with hydraulic and electrical components and Beespeed specializing in automation and SCADA using electrical panels and sensors.


Ultimately, customers can use their laptops or mobile phones to monitor and manage their water treatment stations, receiving automatic reports.


DATCOMP SRL is well-versed in entrepreneurial endeavors, including project management, civil engineering and technical coordination.


Why us?

Our team of highly qualified specialists offers exceptional water treatment expertise at Eastern European prices.


We prioritize strong and durable partnerships, and exclusively work with European brands for equipment that possess CE marks and water certifications for materials. Our clients’ satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Our company is well-known in the local market for providing specialized water treatment services that require highly experienced and skilled staff.

When it comes to larger water projects, we are often asked to provide quotes and agreements to other major companies like GEIGER, VEOLIA, Passavant, PFEIFER, John Cockerill, IDRICA, PORR and STRABAG.


We are proud to have established strong partnerships in Austria with esteemed companies suchs as the RABMER Group, SIEMENS and Wolf Systems.

Our team of specialists is dedicated to providing the following specific services to both our clients and partners:

  • design of process treatment and P&ID, hydraulical & pipe design, electrical design, architecture & structural engineering design;
  • automated industrial processes (Siemens plc);
  • complete SCADA solutions (server, connections, WinCC/ IGNITION software);
  • design and execution of custom electrical panels & medium voltage electrical installations;
  • production of containerized solutions (water treatment, pumping stations) and on-site work for:
    • installation & commissioning of hydraulic equipment, electrical panels, and corresponding sensors;
    • electrical installations of low voltage < 1000 Kw (cables and electrical connections): electrical installations of force (equipment) and electrical installations of automation (sensors);
    • steel – stainless steel pipe cuts and welds (PEHD <= Ø250, PVCU).

DATCOMP's Commitment to Innovative and Sustainable Technologies

At DATCOMP, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of technical documents, references, and certificates to ensure the best possible partnerships with our future suppliers. As necessary, we may also conduct testing in our laboratory. We are committed to promoting innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies that are energy-efficient for our upcoming projects and the Romanian market. Currently, we are promoting technologies from the European Union, Canada, and the United States, as follows:


  • recover heat from the wastewater;
  • a sustainable solution that replaces traditional softening;
  • a solution that increases treatment capacity by up to 25% and reduces energy consumption by up to 40%;
  • an ultrasonic solution for automatic 24/7 cleaning of sensors a quick solution for testing and monitoring water quality;
  • a solution for preventive maintenance;
  • a solution for identifying water losses.

Core Principles and Direction

Our Vision

Leading provider of water recycling, driving European change for clean water.

Our Mission

Promote wastewater reuse, crafting tailored industrial treatment.

Our Values


“Everything rises and falls on leadership” – John C. Maxwell.


Honesty, transparency in interactions, ethical decisions, moral principles upheld.

Building Trust

Reliable, accountable, ethical actions, fulfilling commitments, earning trust.

Building Respect

Treat with dignity, fairness, respect, considering rights and perspectives.


High knowledge, skills, competence in water treatment, stay updated with industry.


Clear interdisciplinary communication, partners, fulfilling client goals, effective teamwork.

Client-Centric Approach and Customer Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is paramount, commencing with a thorough comprehension of their requirements. Following an in-depth audit, we harmonize our offerings, services, and expertise to create bespoke solutions and tailored encounters that precisely address their distinct needs.


Our primary objective is to ensure a flawless and favorable customer journey, surpassing expectations to foster enduring loyalty and establish an enduring customer relationship.